Vaasa Run – a part of the festival

Run to the festival! On June 18, 2022, Vaasa will be filled with sports, music, and a festive atmosphere.

The cooperation between Finland and Sweden in the Kvarken region will be 50 years old next year. We will celebrate this milestone with a big Kvarkenfest at Elisa Stadion in Vaasa. The festival will be kicked off at Vaasa Run, which is a big running and wellness event. Vaasa Run will be arranged for the second time next year. The organizer Vasa IS hopes to have over 2000 participants with different exercise backgrounds.

What is Vaasa Run?

Vaasa Run is a running and wellness event for individuals, families, and companies. Participants can have different exercise backgrounds. Jannica Granbacka, the event coordinator, explains how Vaasa Run was born:

“Vaasa has been missing a big sports event for a long time, and therefore VIS wanted to organize one for everyone. The running distances are 5 km and 10 km. You can walk, jog, or run either by yourself or with a team,” Granbacka says.

She also points out that the event offers a great opportunity for companies to strengthen their brand. Companies can, for example, create a feeling of togetherness by jointly working towards a common goal.

A celebration of sport and culture

The running route follows Vaasa’s most beautiful promenade, and both start and finish are located at Elisa Stadion. All participants will receive a Vaasa Run t-shirt and a ticket to Kvarkenfest. At the finish line they will also be rewarded with a goodie back that contains local delicacies.

Families and children in particular are at the center of the event. The day starts with Kizd Run outside the stadium, and it is open to children under school age. Folkhälsan will also build an obstacle course for children and teens in the parking lot. When Kvarkenfest’s first act, the humor group KAJ, walks on the main stage, the whole package is ready.

“We are very happy that we are able to collaborate with Kvarkenfest. This way, we can offer Vaasa Run’s participants an incredible experience that includes both exercise and celebration in the form of good music, food, and drinks,” Granbacka says.

“Our Vaasa Run ambassadors also continue to inspire in 2022, and we have some new people on board as well,” she adds.

Tickets to both Vaasa Run and Kvarkenfest are available on Netticket.

Facts about Vaasa Run
  • Organized for the second year in a row at Elisa Stadion by Vasa IS.
  • 5 km and 10 km running routes, it is possible to run alone or in teams.
  • Kidz Run is organized free of charge for children under school age, everyone gets a medal!
  • The goal is to reach over 2000 participants with different exercise backgrounds.
  • The participants will receive a ticket to Kvarkenfest, a t-shirt, and a goodie bag that contains local delicacies
  • The running distances are officially measured this year. All participants receive a chip for official timekeeping. However, it is also possible to opt out of timekeeping if you want to.