Kvarkenfest is for everyone!

Artists performing at Kvarkenfest: Tove Styrke (SWE), One Desire Philharmonic Rock Orchestra (FI), BESS (FI), Lisa Miskovsky (SWE), Elonkerjuu (FI), KAJ (FI), and Kvarken Allstars, which is a group of artists that consist of Antti Railio (FI), Kuningas Pähkinä & Setä Tamu (FI), Alva Elle (FI), Jennie Storbacka (FI), Johan Becker (SWE/FI), Malin Jonsson (SWE), and Fredrik Furu (FI).

Vaasa Run will be hosted by the familiar TV presenters Kaj Kunnas and Jonathan “Jontti” Granbacka. Kaj Kunnas will also host Kvarkenfest. DJ FANNY will also entertain the festival audience during Kvarkenfest!


10.00–16.00 ”Family Fun” outside of the Stadion

11:00 The gates to Elisa Stadion will open
12:15 Vaasa Run warm-up
13:00 Vaasa Run start
14:45 The official opening of Kvarkenfest
15:00 KAJ
16:30 Elonkerjuu
18:00 BESS
19:30 Lisa Miskovsky
21:00 Kvarken Allstars
22:30 Tove Styrke
00:15 One Desire Philharmonic Rock Orchestra
02:00 The gates will be closed

We reserve the right to make changes.

Our festival program is aimed at the whole family, and it takes place on the main stage and in the festival area throughout the day. We also offer other activities to raise the festive atmosphere in and around the festival area. There’s no age restriction for the event. Children under school age can participate in the festival for free. Everyone can feel welcome at Kvarkenfest!

There will be built a Family Fun activity area for the whole family outside of the Elisa Stadion, that consist of Folkhälsans obstacle course, Street art workshops, the popular bungy trampoline by Hopsis, dog show, a hobby horse track, and the BUU-klubben stamp will also visit the event. There’s also a change to get acquainted with a fire truck and a police motorcycle. “Kidz Run” will also be held here. It’s a race for kids below school age, and all participants will get a medal, juice, and a balloon. The Family Fun program will be held at 10:00–16:00 outside of the Stadion. 


  • It’s possible to move in and out of the festival area. Everyone will get a wristband at the entrance. You can show your ticket at the entrance from your phone or have it printed out.
  • The security guards will do a security check at the entrance.
  • It’s forbidden to bring your own alcohol drinks, dangerous weapons, or umbrellas to the festival area.
  • Unopened, alcohol-free plastic bottles, for example water bottles, are allowed to bring to the festival area.
  • There’s a water refill spot at the festival area.
  • There’s a K-18 area at Elisa Stadion where you’ll be able to buy alcohol.
  • There’s a food court with local restaurants at the festival area. You can also buy snacks and soda etc.