Kvarkenfest 2022 – a new festival for the region’s people and business community

The brand new festival will be held at Elisa Stadion on June 18, 2022. The festival organizer, the Kvarken Council EGTC, turns 50 next summer.

“Our goal is to strengthen the cultural and social ties between Ostrobothnia and Västerbotten by organizing Kvarkenfest. After the pandemic, we need a festival for everyone in the Kvarken region. The festival will give us the chance to meet each other again and enjoy each other’s company,” says Mathias Lindström, the director of the Kvarken Council EGTC.

Fredrik Furu is the festival’s event coordinator. He has a lot of experience working both as an artist and an event coordinator.

“The Kvarken region has a rich cultural life, and we will offer something for everyone. I’m looking forward to working on this cross-border production that will bring together actors from different parts of the Kvarken,” says Furu.

Kvarkenfest is a multilingual all-day event with a diverse program. The festival will be held at Elisa Stadion in Vaasa. The day program is more family-oriented, while in the evening the stadium will be filled with top artists from the region.